§30-27-10. Professional license and certificate renewal requirements.

(a) A professional licensee and certificate holder shall annually on or before January 1, renew his or her professional license or certificate by completing a form prescribed by the board, paying the renewal fee and submitting any other information required by the board.

(b) The board shall charge a fee for each renewal of a license or certificate, and a late fee for any renewal not paid by the due date.

(c) The board shall require as a condition of renewal of a professional license or certificate that each licensee or certificate holder complete continuing education: subject to the following exceptions:

(1) When a barber or cosmetologist has been licensed and in practice for ten years, that barber or cosmetologist will not be required to complete any continuing education other than a three-hour sanitation class every other year for a period of ten years; and

(2) A person, who by education and experience qualifies to be a barber and a cosmetologist or a barber crossover or cosmetologist crossover, may elect to be licensed solely as a barber and shall not be required to attend or participate in continuing education programs that are not required of licensed barbers.

(d) The board may approve for continuing education credit any education course providing instruction in any curriculum, subject matter or discipline included in the education required for licensure that is submitted to the board or offered by:

(1) A licensed school or instructor, outside of school instruction;

(2) A manufacturer or distributor of barbering, aesthetics, nail technology or cosmetology products;

(3) A barber or cosmetology trade organization; or

(4) Any course offered at an accredited private or public university, college or community college in this state that relates to the profession or a general business class.

(e) The board may deny an application for renewal for any reason which would justify the denial of an original application for a license or certificate.

(f) The board shall recognize reciprocity for military barbers for the purpose of the state examination for barbers.

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