§30-27-11a. Shampoo assistant.

(a) The board may establish a shampoo assistant permit. A shampoo assistant shall work at all times under the direct supervision of a licensed barber or cosmetologist and any permit issued by the board to work as a shampoo assistant does not allow a person to practice individually as a shampoo assistant.

(b) A shampoo assistant is only authorized to perform the following services:

(1) Shampooing and rinsing hair;

(2) Removing rollers or permanent rods; and

(3) Cleansing or other sink-related functions not requiring the skill of a licensee.

(c) An applicant for a shampoo assistant permit shall present satisfactory evidence that he or she:

(1) Is at least sixteen years of age;

(2) Is of good moral character;

(3) Is in high school or has a high school diploma, a GED, or has passed the "ability to benefit test" approved by the United States Department of Education;

(4) Has paid the applicable fee;

(5) Has a certificate of health from a licensed physician;

(6) Is a citizen of the United States or is eligible for employment in the United States; and

(7) Has fulfilled any other requirement specified by the board.

(d) The board may propose rules for legislative approval, in accordance with the provisions of article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, to implement the provisions of this section, including:

(1) The requirements and procedures for a shampoo assistant permit:

(2) A fee schedule; and

(3) Any other rules necessary to effectuate the provisions of this section.