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Email: Chapter 10, Article 1, Section 2

§10-1-2. Power of governing authority to establish and maintain libraries; financing.

A governing authority either by itself or in cooperation with one or more other such governing authorities, shall have the power to establish, equip and maintain a public library, or to take over, maintain or support any public library already established. Any library established, maintained or supported by a governing authority may be financed either (1) by the appropriation from the General Funds of the governing authority of a sum sufficient for the purpose, or (2) by the imposition of an excess levy for library purposes, in accordance with the provisions of section sixteen, article eight, chapter eleven of this code.

Such sums as are appropriated hereunder may be transferred to the public library board for deposit and disbursement as the public library board shall direct. By such transfer the governing authority designates the public library board as its disbursing agent.