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Email: Chapter 5, Article 16, Section 26

§5-16-26. Quarterly report.

By October 30, 1991, and on or before January 30, April, July and October of each year thereafter, the director shall prepare for the approval of the finance board, and thereafter present to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance a quarterly report setting forth:

(a) A summary of the cost to the plan of health care claims incurred in the preceding calendar quarter;

(b) A summary of the funds accrued to the plan by legislative appropriation, employer and employee premiums or otherwise in the preceding calendar quarter for payment of health care claims;

(c) An explanation of all cost containment measures, increased premium rates and any other plan changes adopted by the director in the preceding calendar quarter and estimated cost savings and enhanced revenues resulting therefrom, and a certification that the director made a good faith effort to develop and implement all reasonable health care cost containment alternatives;

(d) Expected claim costs for the next calendar year;

(e) Such other information as the director deems appropriate; and

(f) Any other financial or other information as may be requested by the Joint Committee on Government and Finance.