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§5-16B-7. West Virginia children's health fund.

(a) There is hereby created in the state Treasury a special revolving fund to be known as the "West Virginia children's health fund", which shall be an interest-bearing account. All moneys deposited or accrued in this fund shall be used exclusively:

(1) To provide the state's share of the children's health fund;

(2) To cover administrative costs associated with the children's health program; and

(3) To cover outreach activities.

(b) Moneys from the following sources may be placed into the fund:

(1) All public funds appropriated by the Legislature or transferred by any public agency as contemplated or permitted by applicable federal program laws;

(2) All private moneys contributed by corporations, individuals or other entities to the fund as contemplated and permitted by applicable federal and state laws;

(3) Any accrued interest; and

(4) Federal financial participation matching the amounts referred to in subdivisions (1), (2) and (3) of this subsection, in accordance with Section 1902 (a) (2) of the Social Security Act.

(c) Any balance remaining in the children's health fund at the end of any state fiscal year shall not revert to the state Treasury but shall remain in this fund and shall be used only in a manner consistent with this article.

(d) Notwithstanding the provisions of section two, article two, chapter twelve of this code, funds of the West Virginia children's health fund may not be redesignated for any purpose other than those set forth in this subsection. All state and private moneys received by the program shall be deposited in the West Virginia consolidated investment pool with the West Virginia Investment Management Board, with the interest income a proper credit to all such funds.