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Email: Chapter 5, Article 26A, Section 4

§5-26A-4. Duties and responsibilities.

The West Virginia commission for national and community service shall have the duties and responsibilities set forth in the provisions of the National and Community Service Act of 1990, as amended by the National and Community Service Trust Act of 1993, and the provisions of any rules or regulations promulgated under the act. The duties and responsibilities include:

(a) Advising and assisting the Governor in the development and implementation of a comprehensive statewide plan for promoting volunteer involvement and citizen participation in programs which are designed to serve the needs of the citizens of the state and its communities;

(b) Fulfilling federal program administration requirements, including the provision of health care and child care for program participants;

(c) Submitting annual state applications for the federal funding of the americorps programs that are selected by the commission;

(d) Integrating americorps programs, existing VISTA and national senior service corps programs, and K-12 learn and serve programs into the state's strategic service plan;

(e) Conducting local outreach to develop a comprehensive and inclusive state service plan;

(f) Coordinating with existing programs for service and volunteerism in order to prevent unnecessary competition for private sources of funding;

(g) Providing technical assistance to service and volunteer programs, including the development of training methods and curriculum materials;

(h) Developing a statewide recruitment and placement system for individuals who are interested in community service opportunities;

(i) Preparing quarterly reports on progress for submission to the Governor and preparing an annual report for submission to the Governor and the Legislature on or before January 1, of each year which shall detail the commission's activities for the preceding year; and

(j) Serving as the state's liaison to national and state entities or other organizations which also promote national and community service and volunteerism.