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Email: Chapter 5A, Article 7, Section 10

§5A-7-10. Special fund created; payments into fund; charges for services; disbursements from fund.

For the operation of the division, there is hereby created in the state Treasury a special revolving fund to be known and designated as the “information services and communications fund.” This fund shall consist of appropriations made by the Legislature, funds transferred in accordance with the provisions of section four of this article, funds received for data processing, telecommunication and central mailing office services rendered to other agencies, departments, units of state and local government and any other entity, and funds received from the federal government or any agency or department thereof, which federal funds the division is hereby authorized to receive. Each agency, department, unit of state or local government or any other entity served by the Information Services and Communications Division, is hereby authorized and directed to transmit to the division for deposit in said special fund the charges made by the agency for data processing, telecommunication and central mailing office services rendered, such charges to be those fixed in a schedule or schedules prepared by the director and approved by the Governor. Disbursements from the fund shall be made in accordance with an approved expenditure schedule as provided by article two, chapter five-a of this code and shall be made under the direct supervision of the secretary.