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Email: Chapter 7, Article 1, Section 3O

§7-1-3o. Authority to construct and maintain county transportation, parking, and other public facilities; delegation of such authority to board or commission; financing.

In addition to all other powers and duties now conferred by law upon county courts, such courts are hereby authorized and empowered to construct, reconstruct, establish, acquire, improve, renovate, extend, enlarge, increase, own, equip, repair (including replacement), maintain and operate transportation terminals, county and other public facilities and motor vehicle parking facilities (including parking lots, buildings, ramps, curbline parking, meters and other facilities deemed necessary, appropriate, useful, convenient or incidental to the regulation, control and parking of motor vehicles).

The power and authority conferred upon the county courts in this section may be exercised by the county courts directly or may be delegated to commissions or boards created by the county courts for this purpose.

In order to pay for all costs and expenses incurred in carrying out the provisions of this section, any county court is authorized to issue general obligation bonds of the county if the issuance thereof has been authorized by the voters of such county as provided by law.