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Email: Chapter 7, Article 12, Section 3A

§7-12-3a. Management and control of municipal authority vested in board; appointment and terms of members; vacancies; removal of members.

The management and control of a municipal authority, its property, operations, business and affairs shall be lodged in a board of not fewer than twelve nor more than twenty-one persons who shall be appointed by the governing body and be known as members of the authority. One member of the authority shall also be a member of the governing body appointed to represent it on the board. Other members shall be appointed by the governing body and shall include representatives of business, industry and labor. The members of the authority first appointed shall serve respectively for terms of one year, two years and three years, divided equally or as nearly equal as possible between these terms. Thereafter, members shall be appointed for terms of three years each. A member may be reappointed for such additional term or terms as the appointing agency may deem proper. If a member resigns, is removed or for any other reason his membership terminates during his term of office, a successor shall be appointed by the appointing agency to fill out the remainder of his term. Members in office at the expiration of their respective terms shall continue to serve until their successors have been appointed and have qualified. The appointing agency may at any time remove its appointed member of the authority by an order duly entered of record or by other action appropriate for such appointing agency and may appoint a successor member for any member so removed.

In addition to the appointing agencies hereinbefore named, such other persons, firms, unincorporated associations, and corporations, who reside, maintain offices, or have economic interests, as the case may be, in the municipality, are eligible to participate in and request the governing body to appoint members to the development authority as the said authority by its bylaws provides.