§10-1-6. Board of library directors -- Powers and duties.

The board of directors of each public library established or maintained under this article shall: (a) Immediately after appointment, meet and organize by electing one member as president and one as secretary, and such other officers as may be necessary. All officers shall hold office for one year and shall be eligible for reelection. (b) Adopt such bylaws, rules and regulations as are necessary for its own guidance and for the administration, supervision and protection of the library and all property belonging thereto as may not be inconsistent with the provisions of this article. (c) Supervise the expenditure of all money credited to the library fund. All money appropriated or collected for public library purposes shall be deposited in the treasury of the governing authority to the credit of the library fund, to be paid out on the certified requisition of the library board, in the manner provided by law for the disbursement of other funds of such governing authority, or shall be deposited as the library's board of directors shall direct and be disbursed by the officer designated by that board, such officer before entering upon his duties to give bond payable to and in an amount fixed by the board of directors of the library, conditioned for the faithful discharge of his official fiscal duties. The cost of such bond shall be paid from the library fund. The books, records and accounts of the library board shall be subject to audit and examination by the office of the State Tax Commissioner of West Virginia. (d) Lease or purchase and occupy suitable quarters, or erect upon ground secured through gift or purchase, an appropriate building for the use of such library; and have supervision, care, and custody of the grounds, rooms or buildings constructed, leased, or set apart for library purposes. (e) Employ a head librarian, and upon his recommendation employ such other assistants as may be necessary for the efficient operation of the library.

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1945 Regular Session
Senate Bill 64
1931 Regular Session
House Bill 1