§10-2A-7. Acquisition of property or establishments; eminent domain.

Every such board shall have power to condemn any land or easements, necessary or convenient for the construction of any such athletic establishment, or extensions, improvements or additions thereto, and in connection therewith shall have and may exercise all the rights, powers and privileges of eminent domain granted to county courts, municipal corporations or county boards of education under the laws relating thereto. Title to property shall be taken in the name of the county court, municipal corporation or county board of education. Proceedings for such appropriation of property shall be under and pursuant to the general provisions of law relating to condemnation proceedings in the exercise of eminent domain: Provided, That the board shall be under no obligation to accept and pay for any property condemned, and shall in no event pay for property condemned or purchased, except from funds provided pursuant to this article; and in any proceedings to condemn such orders may be made as may be just to the board and the owners of the property to be condemned; and an understanding or other security may be required securing such owners against any loss or damage which may be sustained by reason of the failure of the board to accept and pay for the property, but such undertaking or security shall impose no liability upon the board, except such as may be paid from the funds provided under the authority of this article.

In the event of acquisition by purchase, the board may obtain and exercise an option from the owners of said property for the purchase thereof, and may enter into a contract for the purchase thereof, and such purchase may be made upon such terms and conditions, and in such manner as the board may deem proper: Provided, however, That such exercise of option, purchase or contract for such purchase shall in no event bind or obligate said board, or create any debt, liability or claim, except such as may be paid from the funds provided under the authority of this article.

In the event of the acquisition of any athletic establishment already constructed by purchase or condemnation, the board at or before the time of the adoption of the resolution described in section six hereof, shall cause to be determined what repairs, replacements, additions and improvements will be necessary, in order that said establishment may be effective for its purpose, and an estimate of the cost of such improvements shall be included in the estimate of the costs required by section six hereof, and such improvements shall be made upon the acquisition of the establishment and as a part of the cost thereof: Provided, however, That no board shall, under the authority conferred by this article, condemn any existing privately owned athletic establishment in operation at the date of the condemnation.