§10-5-3. Powers of authority.The authority shall have the power:

(1) To act as advisor and consultant to television and radio stations concerning noncommercial educational programs supported by federal, state, county, city or private funds;

(2) To cooperate with and assist all local and state educational institutions in planning and development of the use of educational radio, television and related media;

(3) To promote and coordinate the use of these media for noncommercial educational purposes;

(4) To construct, maintain and operate educational broadcasting, closed circuit or related facilities located at a suitable site or sites within this state including, without limitation thereby, production centers, broadcasting stations and an audio-video microwave system for a statewide broadcasting network connecting such communities or stations as may be designated by the authority;

(5) To acquire in the name of the state for the use and benefit of the authority by purchase, lease or agreement, any property, both real and personal, and any interest in such property necessary to carry out the provisions of this article;

(6) To apply for and receive any license from the appropriate federal agency necessary to operate any educational broadcasting, closed circuit or related facility;

(7) To supervise and approve the origination and transmission of all noncommercial educational radio, television and related media programs in this state which would be carried through the facilities of a state network;

(8) To employ such personnel as may be necessary to operate and maintain any facility created under the provisions of this article, and to work with private nonprofit corporations to raise funds for the financial support of the state's public broadcasting network;

(9) To lease from communications common carriers and use such transmission channels as may be necessary or, if it determines it could more economically construct and maintain such transmission channels, it may design, construct, maintain and operate the same, including an audio-video microwave network;

(10) To sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded;

(11) To contract and be contracted with, including the power to enter into contracts with any person, firm or corporation, including any like authority of neighboring states; and shall have the authority, within state regulations, to enter into program royalty and distribution contracts and receive moneys for these purposes: Provided, That any proceeds from such contracts shall be used by the authority for noncommercial purposes only;

(12) To have and use a corporate seal;

(13) To promulgate reasonable rules and regulations to carry out the provisions of this article in accordance with the provisions of article three, chapter twenty-nine-a of the code; and

(14) To perform such other services in behalf of noncommercial educational radio, television and related media as it may consider to be in the best interest of the state, including the use of the authority's employees, property and facilities for the purpose of raising funds for the support of public broadcasting.

Bill History For §10-5-3

1983 Regular Session
Senate Bill 127
1972 Regular Session
Senate Bill 82
1967 Regular Session
Senate Bill 229