§11-1-4a. Powers of Tax Commissioner as to tax and revenue statistics.

In addition to the reports, information, and recommendations required under section four of this article, the Tax Commissioner is authorized and empowered to collect, tabulate, and classify, and make public from time to time in such manner as he may deem proper, detailed statistics relating to the revenues collected by the state.

Such statistics may be prepared and made public in a manner so as to provide accurate and useful information to government and commerce and, insofar as practicable, shall, with respect to each state revenue law, and for the state as a whole, and from within each county and municipality thereof, show the gross revenue yield, the total amount of business income reported from which such revenue is derived, the total number of taxpayers, the number of taxpayers within any statutory classification, and the gross revenue yield, together with the total amount of business income reported from any such statutory classification of taxpayers.

The Tax Commissioner may also make public such group statistics for similar or related units of business and industry within any statutory classification of taxpayers: Provided, however, That in carrying out the provisions of this section, the Tax Commissioner shall not make public the tax return, or any part thereof, of any individual, firm, or corporation, nor disclose in any manner statistics or information concerning the personal affairs of any individual or the business of any single firm or corporation.

Bill History For §11-1-4A

1939 Regular Session
House Bill 288