§11-12-19. Contractors.

(a) General. -- Every person who engages in this state in any contracting business or activity shall have a copy of his business registration certificate available at every construction site in this state until his work at such site is completed.

(b) Definitions. -- For purposes of this section:

(1) "Contracting business or activity" means and includes the furnishing of work, or both work and materials for the erecting, building, constructing, altering, repairing, removing or demolishing of any building or other structure, or other improvement appurtenant to any such building or other structure, or for altering, improving or developing of property, under and by virtue of a contract with the owner for an agreed lump sum or upon any other basis of settlement and payment agreed to by the parties, whether such contract be an oral agreement or in writing. The term "contracting business or activity" shall also include the furnishing of work or both work and materials or equipment under and by virtue of a subcontract with a general contractor for an agreed contract price, or by day, or by piece, or by other basis of payment agreed to by parties, whether such contract be an oral agreement or in writing.

(2) "Contractor" means every person, including a subcontractor, who agrees by a written or oral contract to engage in contracting activity.

(3) "Construction site" means the area in which the contractor is working or beginning to work when engaging in contracting activity.

(c) Penalty for failure to have available. -- In addition to other penalties provided by law, any contractor who fails to have available at the construction site during the time he is furnishing contracting activity at such site, his business registration certificate or a copy thereof, shall not be entitled to enforce the mechanics' lien created by section one or two, article two, chapter thirty-eight of this code, for contracting activity provided by him at such construction site.

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