§11-12-24. Seizure of property of transient vendor.

(a) If a transient vendor conducting business within this state fails to exhibit a valid business registration certificate upon demand by an authorized employee of the Tax Commissioner, such employee or any peace officer of this state at the request of such employee shall have authority to seize, without warrant, the tangible personal property and automobile, truck or other means of transportation used to transport or carry that property. All property seized shall be deemed contraband and shall be subject to immediate forfeiture proceedings instituted by the Tax Commissioner under procedures adopted by regulation, except as otherwise provided by this section.

(b) Property seized under subsection (a) shall be released upon:

(1) Presentation of a valid business registration certificate to an authorized employee of the Tax Commissioner; or

(2) Registration by the transient vendor with the Tax Commissioner and the posting of a bond in the amount of $500, either immediately or within fifteen days after the property is seized.

Bill History For §11-12-24

1986 First Special Session
Senate Bill 4
1970 Regular Session
House Bill 566
1957 Regular Session
House Bill 86
1939 Regular Session
House Bill 136