§11-13A-5. Oil and gas operating unit.

(a) For purposes of the production of oil classification and the production of natural gas classification, as set forth in this article, multiple coowners of oil or natural gas, in place, lessees thereof, or others being vested with title and ownership to part or all of the oil and gas, as personal property, immediately after its severance, extraction, reduction to possession and production (except royalty recipients in kind) shall be deemed to be a "group or combination acting as a unit" and one "person" as defined in section two of this article, if not otherwise defined therein, whenever engaged in the producing of oil or natural gas through common use (by joint or separately executed contracts) of the same independent contract driller or operator's services; and notwithstanding provisions of private contracts for separate deposit of gross receipts in separate members' accounts or for members of such group or combination to take in kind any proportionate part of such natural resources.

(b) Lessees, sublessees or other denominated lessees are considered to be producers of all of the oil or natural gas produced, regardless of any payment, in kind, to lessors, sublessors or other denominated lessors of a part of such natural resources as rents or royalties.

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