§11-13BB-11. Tax credit review and accountability.

(a) Beginning on August 1, 2012, and August 1 of every year thereafter, the Tax Commissioner shall submit to the Governor, the President of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Delegates a tax credit review and accountability report evaluating the cost of the credit allowed under this article during the most recent period for which information is available. The criteria to be evaluated includes, but is not limited to, for each year:

(1) The numbers of taxpayers claiming the credit; and

(2) The cost of the credit.

(b) Taxpayers claiming the credit shall provide whatever information the Tax Commissioner requires to prepare the report: Provided, That the information is subject to the confidentiality and disclosure provisions of sections five-d and five-s, article ten of this chapter. If, in any reporting period under this section, fewer than ten eligible taxpayers have taken or applied for the credit authorized under this article, then no report shall be filed for that reporting period under this section.

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