§11-13EE-13. Rebate report.

(a) The Tax Commissioner shall provide to the Joint Committee on Government and Finance by July 1, 2022, and on the first day of July of each year thereafter, a report detailing the amount of rebate claimed pursuant to this article. The report is to include the amount of rebate claimed against the severance tax imposed pursuant to §11-13A-3 of this code.

(b) Taxpayers claiming the rebate shall provide the information the Tax Commissioner may require to prepare the report: Provided, That the information provided is subject to the confidentiality and disclosure provisions of §11-10-5d and §11-10-5s of this code.

(c) The Tax Commissioner shall also identify any issues the Tax Commissioner has in the administration and enforcement of this rebate and make suggestions the Commissioner may have for improving the credit or the administration of the rebate.