§11-13J-8. Total maximum aggregate tax credit amount.

(a) The amount of tax credits allowed under this article may not exceed $3,000,000 in any state fiscal year.

(b) Applications for project certification shall be filed with the West Virginia Development Office. The West Virginia Development Office shall record the date each application is filed. All complete and valid applications shall be considered for approval or disapproval in a timely manner by the neighborhood assistance advisory board. The board may, in its discretion, consider applications for approval or disapproval at special or interim meetings for expedited processing.

(c) When the total amount of tax credits certified under this article equals the maximum amount of tax credits allowed, as specified in subsection (a) of this section, in any state fiscal year, no further certifications shall be issued in that same fiscal year. Upon approval of a project by the board, the Director of the West Virginia Development Office shall certify the approved project unless certification is prohibited by the limitations and requirements set forth in this article.

(d) All applications filed in any state fiscal year and not certified during the state fiscal year in which they are filed shall be null and void by operation of law on the last day of the state fiscal year in which they are filed, and all applicants which elect to seek certification of a project plan shall file anew on and after the first day of the succeeding state fiscal year.