§11-15B-36. Relief from certain liability for state and local taxes.

(a) General. -- Sellers and certified service providers registered under the streamlined sales and use tax agreement to collect sales and use taxes imposed by this state or a political subdivision of this state who charged and collected the incorrect amount of sales or use taxes resulting from the seller or the certified service provider relying on erroneous data provided by this state on tax rates, boundaries or taxing jurisdiction assignments shall be held harmless by the Tax Commissioner and the local taxing jurisdiction.

(b) Exception. -- After providing adequate notice as determined by the governing board, if the state provides an address-based database for assigning taxing jurisdictions pursuant to subdivision (4) or (5), subsection (d), section thirty-five of this article, the state may cease providing liability relief for errors resulting from reliance on the database provided by the Tax Commissioner under subdivision (3) of said subsection. If a seller demonstrates that requiring the use of the address-based database would create an undue hardship, the Tax Commissioner and the governing board may extend the relief from liability to that seller for a designated period of time.