§11-17-11. Surety bonds required; release of surety; new bond.

The Tax Commissioner may require wholesalers, subjobbers or retail dealers to file continuous surety bond in an amount to be fixed by the Tax Commissioner except that the amount shall not be less than $1,000. Upon completion of the filing of a surety bond an annual notice of renewal, only, shall be required thereafter. The surety must be authorized to engage in business within this state. The bond shall be conditioned upon faithfully complying with the provisions of this article including the filing of the returns and payment of all taxes prescribed by this article.

Any surety on a bond furnished hereunder shall be released and discharged from all liability accruing on such bond after the expiration of sixty days from the date the surety shall have lodged, by certified mail, with the Tax Commissioner a written request to be discharged. This shall not relieve, release or discharge the surety from liability already accrued, or which shall accrue before the expiration of the sixty-day period. Whenever any surety shall seek release as herein provided, it shall be the duty of the person to supply the Tax Commissioner with another bond.

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1970 Regular Session
House Bill 563
1963 Regular Session
House Bill 547
1951 Regular Session
Senate Bill 181
1947 Regular Session
House Bill 105