0§11-17-7. Form of stamps; custody; discounts; security for payments.

The commissioner shall design and procure stamps to be used as herein provided for, affixed and attached to containers, packages or receptacle of whatever kind that may be used for containing cigarettes. In the preparing of said stamp or stamps the same shall have printed or impressed thereon the words "State of West Virginia -- Cigarette Tax Stamp" and such other words and figures as the commissioner may deem proper. He shall also prescribe the form of impression to be placed upon any package or container of cigarettes by any metering device. The Tax Commissioner shall collect the taxes provided for by this article.

Such stamps shall be kept in the custody of the Tax Commissioner or such deputies as he may designate to sell the same. Such stamps shall be sold and accounted for at the tax value thereof except that the Tax Commissioner may authorize sale thereof, or sell to wholesalers in this state, or to wholesalers outside of this state such stamps at a discount of four percent of the tax value of such stamps, the same to be allowed as a commission for affixing the stamps and prepaying the cigarette tax; and excepting further that the Tax Commissioner may, by like regulation so certified, authorize the delivery of stamps, to wholesalers in this state, or to wholesalers outside of this state, on credit, allowing the same discount as when sold for cash, if and when the purchaser shall file with the Tax Commissioner a bond made payable to the State of West Virginia, in such form and amount as the commissioner shall prescribe, and with surety or sureties to the satisfaction of the commissioner, conditioned as he may require, to guarantee payment within thirty days for stamps so delivered within such period of time and by making of such reports and settlement as the commissioner may require. The commissioner may, by further regulations, provide for canceling, renewing or increasing such bond or for the substitution of the surety thereon.

For the purposes of this article "tax value" shall mean the tax value of each stamp or meter impression, as imposed by this article.

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