§11-1A-3. Definitions.

As used in this article, unless the context clearly requires a different meaning:

(a) "Assessed value" of any item of property is its assessed value after the certification of the first statewide reappraisal and shall be sixty percent of the market value of such item of property regardless of its class or species, except as hereinafter specifically provided in this article;

(b) "Base year" shall have the meaning ascribed to that term by the provisions of section two of this article;

(c) "Commission" shall mean the West Virginia appraisal control and review commission;

(d) "Commissioner" or "Tax Commissioner" shall mean the chief executive officer of the state Tax Department except in those instances where the context clearly relates to the West Virginia appraisal control and review commission, in which case "commissioner" shall mean any member of such commission;

(e) "Designated agent" shall mean a person, not directly employed by the Tax Commissioner, who is designated by the Tax Commissioner to perform reappraisal functions authorized or required by this article. Such term shall include, but not be limited to, agents and independent contractors, and nothing in this article shall be construed to alter the relationship of the State of West Virginia, or its officers, and such persons to create relationships not contemplated by agreements between the Tax Commissioner and such persons;

(f) "Farm" shall mean and include land currently being used primarily for farming purposes, whether by the owner thereof or by a tenant, and which has been so used for at least seasonally during the year next preceding the then current tax year, but shall not include lands used primarily in commercial forestry or the growing of timber for commercial purposes; and shall not include one acre surrounding the principal residence situate on a farm which shall be valued as a homesite in the same manner as surrounding homes and properties not situated on farmland, taking into consideration such variables as location, resale value and accessibility. The commissioner of agriculture shall formulate criteria upon which a parcel of land qualifies as a "farm." The county assessor may require the assistance of the commissioner of agriculture in making a determination of whether a parcel of land qualifies as a "farm."

(g) "Farming purposes" shall mean the utilization of land to produce for sale, consumption or use, any agricultural products, including, but not limited to, livestock, poultry, fruit, vegetables, grains or hays or any of the products derived from any of the foregoing, tobacco, syrups, honey, and any and all horticultural and nursery stock, Christmas trees, all sizes of ornamental trees, sod, seed and any and all similar commodities or products including farm wood lots and the parts of a farm which are lands lying fallow, or in timber or in wastelands;

(h) "Property situate in this state" shall mean:

(1) Property having legal situs in this state; or

(2) In the case of persons with a place of business located in this state and authorized to do business in this state and one or more other states of the United States or any foreign country:

(A) Any tangible property brought into this state from time to time or otherwise deemed to have situs in this state for purposes of ad valorem property taxation, and

(B) Any intangible property held by such person, wherever evidence thereof is situate. In the case of assessment of such intangible property for ad valorem property taxation after the first statewide reappraisal only such part thereof as may be determined by applicable law or regulation to be subject to such taxation shall be deemed to be situate in this state;

(i) "Value," "market value" and "true and actual value" shall have the same meaning and shall mean the price at or for which a particular parcel or species of property would sell if it were sold to a willing buyer by a willing seller in an arm's length transaction without either the buyer or the seller being under any compulsion to buy or sell: Provided, That in determining value, primary consideration shall be given to the trends of price paid for like or similar property in the area or locality wherein such property is situate over a period of not less than three nor more than eight years next preceding the base year and in the case of a farm or farms shall be determined assuming such land is being used for farming purposes. In addition, the commissioner may, for purposes of appraisement of any tract or parcel of real property, or chattels, real or other species of property, real or personal, take into account one or more of the following factors: (1) The location of such property; (2) its site characteristics; (3) the ease of alienation thereof, considering the state of its title, the number of owners thereof, and the extent to which the same may be the subject of either dominant or servient easements; (4) the quantity of size of the property and the impact which its sale may have upon surrounding properties; (5) if purchased within the previous eight years, the purchase price thereof and the date of each such purchase; (6) recent sale of, or other transactions involving comparable property within the next preceding eight years; (7) the value of such property to its owner; (8) the condition of such property; (9) the income, if any, which the property actually produces and has produced within the next preceding eight years; and (10) any commonly accepted method of ascertaining the market value of any such property, including techniques and methods peculiar to any particular species of property if such technique or method is used uniformly and applied to all property of like species.

Bill History For §11-1A-3

1986 First Special Session
House Bill 153
1983 First Special Session
Senate Bill 10