§11-23-17b. Application of tax credits.

Except where otherwise provided, no tax credit earned by one member of the combined group, but not fully used by or allowed to that member, may be used, in whole or in part, by another member of the group or applied, in whole or in part, against the tax of another member of the combined group; and a tax credit carried over into a subsequent year as to the member that incurred it, and available as a credit to that member in a subsequent year, will be considered in the computation of the capital of that member in the subsequent year regardless of the composition of that capital as apportioned, allocated or wholly within this state: Provided, That unused and unexpired economic development tax credits that were earned during a tax year in which the taxpayer filed a consolidated return under this article may, if otherwise allowed within the statutory limitations applicable to the tax credit, be used, in whole or in part, or applied, in whole or in part, against the taxes imposed by this article on any member of the taxpayer's combined group to the extent the credits would have been allowed had the taxpayer continued to file a consolidated return. For purposes of this section the term economic development tax credit means and is limited to a tax credit asserted on a tax return under article thirteen-c, thirteen-d, thirteen-e, thirteen-f, thirteen-g, thirteen-j, thirteen-q, thirteen-r or thirteen-s of this chapter or under article one, chapter five-e of this code.

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