§11-25-7. Claim as disbursement from state funds; claim is personal; offset.

Upon the State Tax Commissioner's determination that a claimant is entitled to relief under the provisions of this article, and after audit and certification of his claim for relief, such relief shall be paid upon a state warrant drawn upon the State Treasury from balances retained for general purposes. The right to file a claim for relief under this article is personal to the claimant and shall not survive his death except that the spouse of such decedent shall be entitled to file such claim if decedent had not filed the same. In the event the claimant is incompetent or insane, his claim may be filed by his duly appointed and qualified legal guardian or committee. If a claimant dies after having filed a timely claim for relief under the provisions of this article, and the State Tax Commissioner determines that such relief or any portion thereof is proper, then such relief or portion thereof shall be paid to such claimant's executor or administrator: Provided, That if an executor or administrator has not been appointed and qualified within a reasonable time after the claimant's death, the State Tax Commissioner may in his discretion pay such relief to any other person residing in the claimant's homestead if there be such person and if there be no such other person residing in such homestead, the amount of such relief shall escheat to the state.

The amount of any claim for relief otherwise payable under this article may be applied by the State Tax Commissioner against any liability outstanding on the books of the commissioner against the claimant.

Bill History For §11-25-7

1972 Regular Session
House Bill 751