§11-6G-5. Compelling such disclosure; procuring information and tentative assessments by motor vehicles commissioner.

(a) If any owner or operator fails to make disclosure within the time required by section one of this article, it shall be the duty of the Commissioner of Motor Vehicles to take steps as may be necessary to compel such compliance, and to enforce any and all penalties imposed by law for such failure, pursuant to his or her authority under this article as well as section ten, article two, chapter seventeen-a, and section ten-a, article two, chapter seventeen-a of this code.

(b) The disclosure delivered to the motor vehicles commissioner shall be examined by him or her, and if it be found insufficient in form or in any respect defective, imperfect or not in compliance with law, he or she shall compel the person required to make it to do so in proper and sufficient form, and in all respects as required by law.

(c) If any owner or operator fails to make such disclosure, the motor vehicles commissioner shall proceed, in a manner as to him or her may seem best, to obtain the facts and information required to be furnished by the disclosures.

(d) The motor vehicles commissioner may send for persons and papers, and may compel the attendance of any person and the production of any paper necessary, in the opinion of the motor vehicles commissioner, to enable him or her to obtain the information required for the proper discharge of his or her duties under this section.