§11-8-10. Levy estimate by county court; certification to Tax Commissioner and publication.

The county court shall, at the session provided for in section nine of this article, ascertain the fiscal condition of the county, and make an itemized statement setting forth:

(1) The amount due and the amount that will become due and collectible from every source during the current fiscal year except from the levy of taxes to be made for the year upon the county as a whole and upon any district of the county for which the levies are laid by the county court;

(2) The interest, sinking fund and amortization requirements for the current fiscal year of bonded indebtedness legally incurred upon a vote of the people, as provided by law, prior to the adoption of the Tax Limitation Amendment, owing by the county as a whole and by any district;

(3) Other contractual indebtedness not bonded, legally incurred prior to the adoption of the Tax Limitation Amendment, owing by the county as a whole and such debts owing by any district;

(4) All other expenditures to be paid out of the receipts for the current fiscal year, with proper allowance for delinquent taxes, exonerations and contingencies;

(5) The total amount necessary to be raised for each fund by the levy of taxes for the current year;

(6) The proposed county levy in cents on each one hundred dollars' assessed valuation of each class of property for the county and its subdivisions;

(7) The proposed levy in each district for district funds, if any, on each one hundred dollars' valuation of each class of property;

(8) The separate and aggregate amounts of the real, personal and public utility properties in each class in the county and in each subdivision thereof.

A copy of the statement, duly certified by the clerk of the court, shall be forwarded to the Tax Commissioner, and the clerk shall publish the statement forthwith. The session shall then stand adjourned until the third Tuesday in April, at which time it shall reconvene.

Bill History For §11-8-10

1939 Regular Session
Senate Bill 2
1933 Regular Session
House Bill 314
1933 Second Special Session
House Bill 374
1931 Regular Session
House Bill 328