§11-9-16. Effective date; former law preserved for certain purposes.

(a) The provisions of this article shall take effect on July 1, 1984, and shall apply to criminal violations of this chapter committed on or after such date.

(b) Any criminal violation of this chapter occurring before July 1, 1984, that would have been punishable under one of the sections of this chapter repealed by this act, shall nevertheless be punishable under those sections, as in effect on January 1, 1984, and for such purpose the following sections of this chapter are fully and completely preserved: Section twelve of article twelve, section twenty-two of article twelve-a, section twenty-one of article thirteen, section nine of article fourteen, section ten of article fourteen-a, section twenty-nine of article fifteen, sections nineteen and twenty of article fifteen-a, section ninety-two of article twenty-one and section thirty-eight of article twenty-four.

§11-9-16. Effective date; former law preserved for certain purposes.

Bill History For §11-9-16

1984 Regular Session
Senate Bill 333