§11A-1-12. Receipt for taxes.

The sheriff or his deputy shall deliver to the person paying any taxes a written or printed receipt therefor, and shall retain for his records the stub or duplicate of such receipt. The receipt and the stub or duplicate shall specify the total value of personal property; the number of acres of land, and the number of town lots, with the valuation of each tract or lot separately charged; and shall show the total amount of the aggregate tax paid for state, school, county, municipal, district, and any other purpose for which levied. The officer receiving payment shall sign each receipt in his own handwriting. The sheriff shall furnish to each taxpayer a statement showing the levies laid for each class of taxable property in each taxing district of the county when requested so to do by the taxpayer. The sheriff shall cause a statement of the levies, as aforesaid, to be posted at the front door of the courthouse and at two conspicuous places in his office, but failure to post such statement shall in no wise affect the rights of the state, or any of its agencies, to collect such taxes. The Tax Commissioner may prescribe uniform tax statements and receipts, not inconsistent herewith, for use in all counties of the state.

Bill History For §11A-1-12

1971 Regular Session
House Bill 835
1943 Regular Session
House Bill 260
1941 Regular Session
House Bill 269