§11A-1-9. Payment of taxes by co-owner or other interested party; lien.

Any owner of real estate whose interest is not subject to separate assessment, or any person having a lien on the land, or on an undivided interest therein, or any other person having an interest in the land, or in an undivided interest therein, which he desires to protect, shall be allowed to pay the whole, but not a part, of the taxes assessed thereon. Any co-owner of real estate whose interest is subject to separate assessment shall be allowed at his election to pay the taxes either on his own interest alone or in addition thereto upon the interest of any or all of his co-owners. If his own or any other interest less than the whole, on which he desires to pay the taxes, was included in a group assessment, he must before payment have the group assessment split and must secure from the assessor and present to the sheriff a certificate setting forth the changes made in the assessment. The sheriff shall make the necessary changes in his records, prepare new tax bills to conform thereto, and then deliver the certificate to the clerk of the county court, who shall note the changes on his records.

One who pays taxes on the interest of any other person shall be subrogated to the lien of the state upon such interest. He shall lose his right to the lien, however, unless within thirty days after payment he shall file with the clerk of the county court his claim in writing against the owner of such interest, together with the tax receipt or a duplicate thereof. The clerk shall docket the claim on the judgment lien docket in his office and properly index the same. Such lien may be enforced as other judgment liens are enforced.

Bill History For §11A-1-9

1941 Regular Session
House Bill 269