§11A-3-12. Amendment of such list.

If the sheriff shall make any error or omission in the list of redemptions and certifications returned to the clerk of the county commission, he or she or any person interested may, within 30 days after the publication of such list, apply by petition to the county commission for an order permitting or requiring amendment of the list. Any person who may be prejudiced by the proposed amendment must, if found within the county, be given at least 10 days’ notice of such application. Upon proof of the error or mistake the commission shall make an order permitting or requiring the sheriff to file an amended list with the clerk of the commission. The sheriff shall thereupon prepare and deliver to the clerk of the commission the amended list and a copy thereof, with a copy of the order of the commission permitting or requiring it to be filed attached to the list and to the copy. The clerk shall substitute the original of the amended list for the list already in his or her office, and make the necessary corrections on his record of delinquent lands. The clerk shall transmit the copy of the amended list to the Auditor who shall note the corrections on his or her record of delinquent lands.

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