§11A-3-21. Notice to redeem.

(a) Whenever the provisions of section nineteen of this article have been complied with, the State Auditor shall prepare a notice in form or effect as follows:

To ___________________________________.

You will take notice that _______________, the purchaser (or _____________, the assignee, heir or devisee of _______________, the purchaser) of the tax lien(s) on the following real estate, __________________, (here describe the real estate for which the tax lien(s) thereon were sold) located in ___________________, (here name the city, town or village in which the real estate is situated or, if not within a city, town or village, give the district and a general description) which was returned delinquent in the name of ________________, and for which the tax lien(s) thereon was sold by the sheriff of __________________ County at the sale for delinquent taxes made on the ____________ day of _____________, 20, has requested that you be notified that a deed for such real estate will be made to him or her on or after April 1, 20 ____, as provided by law, unless before that day you redeem such real estate. The amount you will have to pay to redeem on the last day, March 31, will be as follows:

Amount equal to the taxes, interest, and charges due on the date of sale, with interest to March 31, 20 _______ ........ $__________

Amount of subsequent years taxes paid on the property, since the sale, with interest to March 31, 20 ____ ........ $___________

Amount paid for title examination and preparation of list of those to be served, and for preparation and service of the notice with interest from January 1, 20 (insert year) following the sheriff's sale to March 31, 20 ______ ........ $__________

Amount paid for other statutory costs (describe) _____________________ ........ $___________

Total ................. $_____________

You may redeem at any time before March 31, 20 _______________, by paying the above total less any unearned interest.

Given under my hand this _____ day of __________, 20 ____.


State Auditor, State of West Virginia

(b) The State Auditor for his or her service in preparing the notice shall receive a fee of $10 for the original and $2 for each copy required. Any additional costs which must be expended for publication, or service of the notice in the manner provided for serving process commencing a civil action, or for service of process by certified mail, shall be charged by the State Auditor. All costs provided by this section shall be included as redemption costs and included in the notice described in this section.

Bills Affecting §11A-3-21

2010 Regular Session: SB232