§11A-3-27. Deed to purchaser; record.

(a) If the real estate described in the notice is not redeemed within the time specified in the notice, then from April 1 of the second year following the sheriff’s sale until the expiration of the lien evidenced by a tax certificate of sale as provided in §11A-3-18 of this code, the State Auditor or his or her deputy shall upon request of the purchaser make and deliver to the clerk of the county commission, a quitclaim deed for the real estate. The purchaser’s right to a tax deed shall be forfeited if the deed is not requested within the 18-month period set forth in §11A-3-18 of this code. The deed shall provide in form or effect as follows:

This deed made this _______ day of _____________, 20 _____, by and between _________________, State Auditor, West Virginia, (or by and between _______________, a commissioner appointed by the circuit court of ______________ County, West Virginia) grantor, and _____________, purchaser, (or __________________, heir, devisee or assignee of _______________________, purchaser), grantee, witnesseth, that:

Whereas, In pursuance of the statutes in such case made and provided, _________________, Sheriff of ____________ County, (or ______________, deputy for ______________, Sheriff of ___________ County), (or ______________, collector of ______________ County), did, in the month of ____________, in the year 20 _____, sell the tax lien(s) on real estate, hereinafter mentioned and described, for the taxes delinquent thereon for the year (or years) 20 _____, and ______________, (here insert name of purchaser) for the sum of $___________, that being the amount of purchase money paid to the sheriff, did become the purchaser of the tax lien(s) on such real estate (or on ________ acres, part of the tract or land, or on an undivided _____________ interest in such real estate) which was returned delinquent in the name of ___________________; and

Whereas, The State Auditor has caused the notice to redeem to be served on all persons required by law to be served therewith; and

Whereas, The tax lien(s) on the real estate so purchased has not been redeemed in the manner provided by law and the time for redemption set in such notice has expired;

Now, therefore, the grantor, for and in consideration of the premises and in pursuance of the statutes, doth grant unto ______________, grantee, his or her heirs and assigns forever, the real estate on which the tax lien(s) so purchased existed, situate in the county of _____________________, bounded and described as follows: ______________________________.

Witness the following signature: __________________________

 State Auditor.

(b) The State Auditor shall execute and deliver a deed within 120 days after the person entitled to the deed requests the execution of the deed, except when directed to do otherwise under §11A-3-28 of this code.

(c) For the execution of the deed and for all the recording required by this section, a fee of $50 and the recording and transfer tax expenses shall be charged, to be paid by the grantee upon delivery of the deed. The deed, when duly acknowledged or proven, shall be recorded by the clerk of the county commission in the deed book in the clerk’s office, together with any assignment from the purchaser, if one was made, the notice to redeem, the return of service of the notice, the affidavit of publication, if the notice was served by publication, and any return receipts for notices sent by certified mail.

(d) The State Auditor shall appoint employees of his or her office to act as his or her designee to effect the purposes of this section.