§11A-3-43. Officers to report lands subject to sale.

(a) Whenever an assessor, sheriff, clerk of the county commission or county surveyor learns of the existence within the county of any nonentered land, he shall promptly report that fact to the Auditor, together with his information relating thereto. The assessor, as escheator, shall likewise report all lands which escheat to the state.

(b) Whenever the deputy commissioner learns of the existence of any waste and unappropriated lands within his county, except lands lying under the bed of a navigable stream, he shall direct the county surveyor, or some other competent surveyor, to make a survey, plat and report thereof, listing all discovered claims of title thereto. For his services in making the survey, plat and report, the surveyor shall be entitled to a fee of $50, and such additional compensation as the deputy commissioner may recommend and the Auditor approve, to be paid out of the operating fund for the land department in the Auditor's office.

Bill History For §11A-3-43

1963 Regular Session
Senate Bill 163
1943 Regular Session
House Bill 380