§11A-3-59. Deed to purchaser; record.

If the real estate described in the notice is not redeemed within the time specified therein, but in no event prior to 30 days after notices to redeem have been personally served, or an attempt of personal service has been made, or such notices have been mailed or, if necessary, published in accordance with the provisions of §11A-3-55 of this code, following the deputy commissioner’s sale, the deputy commissioner shall, upon the request of the purchaser, make and deliver to the person entitled thereto a quitclaim deed for such real estate in form or effect as follows:

This deed, made this ______ day of _________________, 20____, by and between ___________, deputy commissioner of delinquent and nonentered lands of _____________ County, West Virginia, grantor, and __________________, purchaser (or ____________________ heir, devisee, assignee of _______________________, purchaser) grantee, witnesseth, that

Whereas, in pursuance of the statutes in such case made and provided, ____________________, deputy commissioner of delinquent and nonentered lands of ____________________ County, did, on the _______ day of ________________, 20_____, sell the real estate hereinafter mentioned and described for the taxes delinquent thereon for the year(s) 20______, (or as nonentered land for failure of the owner thereof to have the land entered on the land books for the years ___________, or as property escheated to the State of West Virginia, or as waste or unappropriated property) for the sum of $____________________, that being the amount of purchase money paid to the deputy commissioner, and ___________ (here insert name of purchaser) did become the purchaser of such real estate, which was returned delinquent in the name of _______________ (or nonentered in the name of, or escheated from the estate of, or which was discovered as waste or unappropriated property); and

Whereas, the deputy commissioner has caused the notice to redeem to be served on all persons required by law to be served therewith; and

Whereas, the real estate so purchased has not been redeemed in the manner provided by law and the time for redemption set forth in such notice has expired.

Now, therefore, the grantor for and in consideration of the premises recited herein, and pursuant to the provisions of Article 3, Chapter 11A of the West Virginia Code, doth grant unto ____________________, grantee, his or her heirs and assigns forever, the real estate so purchased, situate in the County of _____________, bounded and described as follows: _____________________________ (here insert description of property)

Witness the following signature:


 Deputy Commissioner of Delinquent and Nonentered Lands of _______________ County

Except when ordered as provided in §11A-3-60 of this code, the deputy commissioner shall execute and deliver a deed within 120 days after the purchaser’s right to the deed accrued.

For the preparation and execution of the deed and for all the recording required by this section, a fee of $50 and the recording expenses shall be charged, to be paid by the grantee upon delivery of the deed. The deed, when duly acknowledged or proven, shall be recorded by the clerk of the county commission in the deed book in his or her office, together with the assignment from the purchaser, if one was made, the notice to redeem, the return of service of such notice, the affidavit of publication, if the notice was served by publication, and any return receipts for notices sent by certified mail.

Upon payment of the final costs and fees required by this article, the purchaser shall have the right to inspect and perform necessary and reasonable repairs for the preservation of the real property: Provided, That the current occupant has a duty to preserve the property to the best of his or her ability and control.