§11B-1-3. Powers and duties of secretary, administrators, division heads and employees.

(a) The secretary shall have control and supervision of the Department of Revenue and shall be responsible for the work of each of its employees.

(b) The secretary shall have the power and authority specified in this article and article two, chapter five-f of this code and as specified elsewhere in this code, whether heretofore or hereinafter enacted by the Legislature and whether the code provision refers to the secretary of revenue or to the secretary of tax and revenue.

(c) The secretary has authority to assess agencies, boards, commissions, divisions and offices in the Department of Revenue for the payment of expenses of the office of the secretary.

(d) The secretary shall have plenary power and authority within and for the department to employ professional staff, including, but not limited to, certified public accountants, economists and attorneys, assistants and other employees as necessary for the efficient operation of the department.

(e) The secretary and administrators, division heads and other employees of the department shall perform the duties specified in this code for their respective offices or positions and shall also perform other duties as the Governor prescribes.

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