§11B-2-4. Contents of requests.

A request for an appropriation for a spending unit shall specify and itemize in written form:

(1) A statement showing the amount and kinds of revenue and receipts collected for use of the spending agency during the next preceding fiscal year and anticipated collections for the fiscal year next ensuing;

(2) A statement by purposes and objects of the amount of appropriations requested for the spending unit without deducting the amount of anticipated collections of special revenue, federal funds or other receipts;

(3) A statement showing the actual expenditures of the spending unit for the preceding year and estimated expenditures for the current fiscal year itemized by purposes and objects, including those from regular and supplementary appropriations, federal funds, private contributions, transfers, allotments from an emergency or contingency fund and any other expenditures made by or for the spending unit;

(4) A statement showing the number, classification and compensation of persons employed by the spending unit distinguishing between regular, special and casual employees during the preceding fiscal year and during the current fiscal year. The statement shall show the personnel requirements in similar form for the ensuing fiscal year for which appropriations are requested;

(5) A statement showing in detail the purposes for which increased amounts of appropriations, if any, are requested and giving a justification statement for the expenditure of the increased amount. A construction or other improvement request shall show in detail the kind and scope of construction or improvement requested;

(6) A statement of money claims against the state arising out of the activities of the spending unit; and

(7) Any other information as the secretary requests.

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