§12-1-11. Reports by depositories to Treasurer; discontinuance of depositories.

(a) Each depository of state funds shall at the end of each quarter cause its president or designated officer to report to the Treasurer the amount of state funds on deposit and the report shall be verified by the affidavit of the officer making it. The form and contents of the report shall be prescribed by the Treasurer and may be in an electronic format.

(b) For the failure to file the report, or for other good cause, the Treasurer may discontinue any depository as an eligible depository and cause all state funds to be withdrawn from any depository or depositories discontinued.

(c) When a depository is discontinued, the Treasurer shall immediately notify such depository of its discontinuance, and shall immediately withdraw by current checks or by transfer to another depository or depositories the full amount of the deposits held by any depository discontinued. After discontinuance, it shall be unlawful for the Treasurer to deposit any state funds in any depository discontinued until such time as the depository may be reinstated to eligibility.

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