§12-3A-4. Payment by a West Virginia pay card.

The State Auditor and the state Treasurer may jointly establish a state stored value debit card program known as the "West Virginia Pay Card" for recipients of employee payroll, retirement benefits or entitlement programs who do not possess a federally insured depository institution account. The State Auditor and the state Treasurer shall use every reasonable effort to encourage all identified unbanked recipients to obtain a federally insured depository account. The State Auditor shall include an unbanked recipient in the program upon determining that good cause exists. Once an unbanked recipient is included in the program, the State Auditor shall provide the state Treasurer with an electronic file containing the necessary unbanked recipient information. The State Treasurer shall issue a request for proposals in accordance with section three of this article to aid in the administration of the program. The State Auditor shall assist in the review of pay card proposals. In carrying out the purposes of this article, the state Treasurer shall not compete with banks or other federally insured financial institutions, or for profit.