§12-4-15. Bank at school.

(a) The State Treasurer may conduct a program in West Virginia public schools to educate students about banking activities and to encourage savings. Banking institutions under the jurisdiction of the West Virginia commissioner of banking may participate in the program by assisting the treasurer in developing and producing materials for use in the schools, opening savings accounts for students at the schools and receiving and accepting deposits at the schools.

(b) The State Treasurer may not implement the banking program in any school in a county unless he or she obtains permission from the county board of education and the principal of the school; and

(c) Nothing in this section shall be construed to require any professional or service employee to perform additional duties as a result of the establishment of the banking program.

Bills Affecting §12-4-15

2018 Regular Session: HB3008
2017 Regular Session: HB3008
2000 Regular Session: SB183
2000 Regular Session: HB4080
1994 Regular Session: HB4459
1993 Regular Session: HB2188