§12-4B-2. Computer donation program created.

(a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this code to the contrary, the State Auditor is hereby authorized within his or her agency to create a computer donation program to donate equipment, which would otherwise be transferred to the surplus property unit of the Purchasing Division, to educational facilities, nonprofit organizations, juvenile detention centers, municipal and county public safety offices and other public, charitable or educational enterprises or organizations in this state. This program authorizes the State Auditor's office to donate surplus equipment.

(b) The program shall be administered by a director as appointed or employed by the State Auditor. The Auditor may either appoint the director from existing staff from his or her office or may employ a director from existing funds.

(c) The director shall keep records and accounts that indicate the equipment donated, the age of the equipment, the reasons for declaring it obsolete and to which educational facility, nonprofit organization, juvenile detention center, municipal or county public safety office or other public, charitable or educational enterprise or organization the equipment was donated.

§12-4B-2. Computer donation program created.

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