§12-6C-16. Reports to participants.

(a) On a monthly basis, the Board shall timely provide the State Treasurer with information to enable the State Treasurer to provide an itemized statement of a spending unit's or other participant's account in the Consolidated Fund to each state spending unit and any other entity investing moneys in the Consolidated Fund. The statement shall include the beginning balance, contributions, withdrawals, income distributed, change in value and ending balance.

(b) The Board shall prepare annually, or more frequently if determined necessary by the Board, a report of its operations and the performance of the various funds, pools and participant accounts administered by it. The Board shall furnish copies of the report to each participant, the President of the Senate, Speaker of the House of Delegates, Legislative Auditor, and upon request to any legislative committee, any legislator, any banking institution or state or federal savings and loan association in this state and any member of the news media. The Board shall also keep the reports available for inspection by any citizen of this state.

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