§12-6D-4. Steering Committee created; powers and authority.

(a) There is created a sixteen member steering committee of the board whose purpose is to provide routine oversight of the implementation and management of the enterprise resource planning system and perform duties delegated to them by the board.

(b) The steering committee shall annually elect a chairperson to chair the committee.

(c) A steering committee member may appeal any action of the committee to the board by submitting a written request for board review to the steering committee chairperson within ten days of the disputed committee action. The committee chairperson shall forward the appeal to the board. The board shall review appeals at the next regularly scheduled board meeting and shall ratify or overturn the decision of the board in writing. No disputed action of the committee may proceed, if appealed to the board, until ratified or overturned by the board.

(d) The steering committee shall consist of sixteen members, as follows:

(1) The Secretary of the Department of Administration, the Secretary of Revenue, the Secretary of Transportation, and the Secretary of Health and Human Resources. They shall serve by virtue of their offices, are not entitled to compensation under the provisions of this article, and are subject to all duties, responsibilities and requirements of the provisions of this article;

(2) Five persons appointed by the Governor, three of whom will be representatives of institutions of Higher Education;

(3) Two persons appointed by the State Auditor;

(4) Two persons appointed by the State Treasurer;

(5) A member of the Senate appointed by the President of the Senate, who shall be a non-voting member; and

(6) A member of the House of Delegates appointed by the Speaker of the House, who shall be a non-voting member;

(7) A member who represents public employees, who shall be a non-voting member.

(e) A member may appoint a designee to serve on his or her behalf.

(f) A member may serve until his or her appointment is revoked or until his or her successor is appointed and qualified.

(g) Members are entitled to reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred in discharging committee duties pursuant to this article.

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