§12-7-4. Jobs Investment Trust Board; composition; appointment, term of private members; chairman; quorum.

(a) The Jobs Investment Trust Board is continued. The board is a public body corporate and established to improve and otherwise promote economic development in this state.

(b) The board consists of thirteen members, five of whom serve by virtue of their respective positions. These five are the Governor or designee; president of West Virginia University or designee; the president of Marshall University or designee; the chancellor of the higher education policy commission or designee; and the executive director of the West Virginia housing development fund. One member is appointed by the Governor from a list of two names submitted by the board of directors of the Housing Development Fund. One member is appointed by the Governor from a list of two names submitted by the commissioner of the division of tourism. The other six members are appointed from the general public by the Governor. Of the general public members appointed by the Governor, one is an attorney with experience in finance and investment matters; one is a certified public accountant; one is a representative of labor; one is experienced or involved in innovative business development; and two are present or past executive officers of companies listed on a major stock exchange or large privately held companies. All appointments made pursuant to the provisions of this article are by and with the advice and consent of the Senate.

(c) A vacancy on the board is filled by appointment by the Governor in the same manner as the original appointment. A member appointed to fill a vacancy serves for the remainder of the unexpired term.

(d) The Governor may remove any appointed member in case of incompetency, neglect of duty, moral turpitude or malfeasance in office and fill the vacancy as provided in other cases of vacancy.

(e) The Governor or designee serves as the chair. The board annually elects one of its public members as vice chair and appoints a secretary to keep records of its proceedings who need not be a member of the board.

(f) Seven members of the board is a quorum. Action may not be taken by the board except upon the affirmative vote of at least a majority of those members present or participating by any other means as described in subsection (g) of this section, but in any event not fewer than six of the members serving on the board.

(g) Members of the board may participate in a meeting of the board by means of conference telephone or similar communication equipment by means of which all persons participating in the meeting can hear each other. Participation in a board meeting pursuant to this subsection constitutes presence in person at the meeting.

(h) The members of the board are not compensated for their services as members of the board, but receive reasonable and necessary expenses actually incurred in discharging their duties under this article in a manner consistent with guidelines of the travel management office of the Department of Administration.

(i) The board meets on a quarterly basis or more often if necessary.

(j) The Governor shall appoint a member for a four-year term. Any member whose term has expired serves until a successor is duly appointed and qualified. Any member is eligible for reappointment.

(k) Additionally, one member of the West Virginia House of Delegates, appointed by the Speaker of the House of Delegates, and one member of the West Virginia Senate, appointed by the President of the Senate, serve as advisory members of the Jobs Investment Trust Board and, as advisory members, are ex officio, nonvoting members.

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