§12-8-6. Contracts with obligation holders; provisions of bonds and trust indentures and other agreements.

(a) The Governor may enter into contracts with obligation holders and the Governor shall comply fully with the terms and provisions of any contracts made with obligation holders.

(b) In addition and not in limitation to the other provisions of this section, in connection with any bonds issued pursuant to this article, the Governor may enter into: (i) commitments to purchase or sell bonds and bond purchase or sale agreements; (ii) agreements providing for credit enhancement or liquidity, including revolving credit agreements, agreements establishing lines of credit or letters of credit, insurance contracts, surety bonds and reimbursement agreements; (iii) agreements to manage interest rate exposure and the return on investments, including interest rate exchange agreements, interest rate cap, collar, corridor, ceiling and floor agreements, option, rate spread or similar exposure agreements, float agreements and forward agreements; (iv) stock exchange listing agreements; and (v) any other commitments, contracts or agreements approved by the Governor.

(c) The Governor may covenant as to the bonds to be issued and as to the issuance of the bonds, in escrow or otherwise, provide for the replacement of lost, destroyed or mutilated bonds, covenant against extending the time for the payment of bonds or interest on the bonds and covenant for the redemption of bonds and provide the terms and conditions of the redemption.

(d) Except as otherwise provided in any executive order or in this article, the terms of the executive order and of this article in effect on the date the bonds are issued constitute a contract between the state and obligation holders. Any representation, warranty or covenant made by the Governor in the executive order, any indenture of trust or trust agreement authorized by the executive order, any bond or any other contract entered into pursuant to this article with any obligation holder shall be a representation, warranty or covenant made by the state.

(e) The Governor may vest in the obligation holders, or any portion of them, the right to enforce the payment of the bonds or agreements authorized in this article or any covenants securing or relating to the bonds or the agreements. The Governor may prescribe the procedure, if any, by which the terms of any contract with obligation holders may be supplemented, amended or abrogated, prescribe which supplements or amendments will require the consent of obligation holders and the portion of obligation holders required to effect the consent and prescribe the manner in which the consent may be given.

§12-8-6. Contracts with obligation holders; provisions of bonds and trust indentures and other agreements.