§14-1-13. Sale of real estate under execution -- Resale on default of purchaser -- Judgment and execution on purchaser's note.

When any note taken under section ten of this article shall become due and not be paid, the officer shall sell the real estate for which such note was given, upon such notice as is provided in section eight of this article, and according to the provisions of section nine thereof, for cash, and shall credit the same upon such note. If the proceeds of sale for cash be not sufficient to pay such note so due as aforesaid, the clerk of such court shall enter in the law order book a judgment as near as may be in the form prescribed in section twenty-three, article three, chapter thirty-seven of this code, against such of the obligors therein as may then be alive. Execution may issue against them on such judgment, and such execution may be proceeded under in like manner as an execution issued on any other judgment or decree, in favor of the state, save only that the clerk shall indorse that no security is to be taken, and the officer shall govern himself accordingly and sell for cash any real estate or personal property which he may levy on under the same.