§14-1-21. Lands of state — Registration by Auditor.

(a) The Auditor shall, in a book kept for the purpose, register all lands in the lists described in §14-1-20 of this code, describing when, how, and of whom, they were obtained, their situation, quantity and the title thereto, together with the price paid therefor by the state.

(b) The Auditor shall create an index system to reference lands purchased by the state, similar to those created and maintained by the counties of this state. The Auditor shall create a standard naming system to easily cross reference lands purchased by the state in the county indexes. The naming system, at a minimum, must include:

(1) The state agency purchasing the lands; and

(2) The county or counties where the land is located.

(c) The Auditor shall have rule-making authority relating to this index system under §29A-3-1 et seq. of this code. Any deed for state lands purchased after December 31, 2020, shall be recorded pursuant to the provisions of this section.

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