§14-2-12. General powers of the commission.

The commission shall, in accordance with this article, consider claims which, but for the Constitutional immunity of the state from suit, or for some statutory restrictions, inhibitions or limitations, could be maintained in the regular courts of the state. No liability shall be imposed upon the state or any state agency by a determination of the commission approving a claim and recommending an award, unless the claim is: (1) Made under an existing appropriation, in accordance with section nineteen of this article; or (2) a claim under a special appropriation, as provided in section twenty of this article. The commission shall consider claims in accordance with the provisions of this article.

Except as is otherwise provided in this article, a claim shall be instituted by the filing of notice with the clerk. In accordance with rules promulgated by the commission, each claim shall be considered by the commission as a whole, or by a commissioner sitting individually, and if, after consideration, the commission finds that a claim is just and proper, it shall so determine and shall file with the clerk a brief statement of its reasons. A claim so filed shall be an approved claim. The commission shall also determine the amount that should be paid to the claimant, and shall itemize this amount as an award, with the reasons therefor, in its statement filed with the clerk. In determining the amount of a claim, interest shall not be allowed unless the claim is based upon a contract which specifically provides for the payment of interest.

Bill History For §14-2-12

1977 Regular Session
Senate Bill 346
1955 Regular Session
House Bill 291