§14-2-17. Shortened procedure.

The shortened procedure authorized by this section shall apply only to a claim possessing all of the following characteristics:

1. The claim does not arise under an appropriation for the current fiscal year.

2. The state agency concerned concurs in the claim.

3. The amount claimed does not exceed $3,000.

4. The claim has been approved by the Attorney General as one that, in view of the purposes of this article, should be paid.

The state agency concerned shall prepare the record of the claim consisting of all papers, stipulations and evidential documents required by the rules of the commission and file the same with the clerk. The commission shall consider the claim informally upon the record submitted. If the commission determines that the claim should be entered as an approved claim and an award made, it shall so order and shall file its statement with the clerk. If the commission finds that the record is inadequate, or that the claim should not be paid, it shall reject the claim. The rejection of a claim under this section shall not bar its resubmission under the regular procedure.

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