§14-2A-20. Budget preparation; procedure for payment of claims.

(a) The Legislative Auditor shall submit to the Department of Administration, on or before November 20, of each year, an anticipated budget for the Crime Victims Compensation Program provided in this article for the next fiscal year, which shall include:

(1) An estimate of the balance and receipts anticipated in the Crime Victims Compensation Fund;

(2) Amounts anticipated to be sufficient for the payment of all administrative expenses necessary for the administration of this article; and

(3) Amounts anticipated to be sufficient for the payment of awards, attorney fees, witness fees and other authorized fees, costs or expenses that may arise under this article during the next fiscal year.

(b) The Governor shall include in his or her proposed budget bill and revenue estimates the amounts submitted by the Legislative Auditor under subsection (a) of this section.

(c) The clerk shall certify each authorized award and the amount of the award and make requisition upon the Crime Victims Compensation Fund to the Auditor. Notwithstanding any provision of chapter twelve of this code to the contrary, the Auditor shall issue a warrant to the Treasurer without further examination or review of the claim if there is a sufficient unexpended balance in the Crime Victims Compensation Fund.

(d) The commission may provide that payment be made to a claimant or to a third party for economic losses of the claimant and the order may provide an award for the payment for actual economic losses which are prospective as well as those which have already been incurred.

Bill History For §14-2A-20

1987 Regular Session
House Bill 2561
1985 Regular Session
House Bill 2125
1981 Regular Session
House Bill 857